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Uses for your old Mini-ITX motherboard?

VIASome time ago I have been asked by my friend about possible uses of old Mini-ITX motherboard. He told me that he have found a passively cooled VIA EPIA-PD in some old media equipment at his work that was not needed anymore. He told me that this is only 600Mhz processor… It is not worth anything… I was almost shocked. 600Mhz is really a lot for a passively cooled computer that has only 9 to 15 watts power consumption!

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Mini-ITX multimedia power house by VIA

VIAVIA VB8003 – Mini-ITX Nano Board. I have been writing about this awesome mini motherboard already (right here), but there is much more information available today.

Here is a quick look:

VIA VB8003 1

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VIA VB8003

Via VB8003

Via VB8003

Extended capabilities of integrated graphics come with the latest S3 Chrome chipset. S3 Graphics 435 ULP possibilites are quite impressive – DirectX 10.1, OpenGL 2.1, ChromotionHD¬† engine is capable for smooth decoding of HD 1080p video. The new motherboard model VB8003¬† is part of VIA’s latest platform called Trinity. It includes 1.6GHz Nano processor, VX800 chipset, 256MB of GDDR3 memory dedicated for GPU and two slots for DDR2-667 (DIMM) with support up to 4GB of RAM, a single IDE and two SATA ports.

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