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AMD Fusion Mini-ITX motherboards reviews…

It looks that Mini-ITX format is getting more popular with every day. As there are a lot of new reviews popping up in the net I have decided to inform about them in accumulated posts. This time I have for you two reviews of Mini-ITX motherboards: MSI E350IA-E45 and Gigabyte GA-E350N-USB3 (that is already available on Amazon).

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More Sandy Bridge Mini Motherboard Reviews…

It looks that there is more and more great Intel Sandy Bridge powered Mini-ITX motherboards on the market. Moreover there are still more and more great and complete reviews about those mini motherboard on the net. And as most of my loyal readers already know I would not miss any great review and would not leave such one without my comment. So are you still looking for mini-itx motherboard that would be enough good for your HTPC Media Center setup? Thanks to tbreak technology blog you may learn a lot more about two of them – Zotac H67-ITX and ECS H67H2-I!

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Thermaltake Element Q Mini-ITX Chassis Reviewed (again…?)

Thermaltake’s latest offering has been reviewed again. If you still don’t know it is compact and power-efficient. The unit’s small size and low power consumption are key features, although its minimalist design allows for limited expansion, and there is only enough room to fit an Mini-ITX board. However, few features help to keep the cost down: at $64.99 at www.amazon.com, the Element Q is a steal.

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Mini-ITX ECS H55H-I Reviewed

Thanks to PureOverClock (PureOC) we may read a great and very detailed review of Mini-ITX ECS H55H-I mini motherboard. What is so special in it? This motherboard is really promising to use for your media center computer.

Firstly it is equipped with Intel’s H55 chipset that is entry model for the LGA1156 platform. It offers integrated graphics and a lot of other features that are very important in modern motherboards.

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Two mini Intel Pineview motherboards reviewed

Bit-Tech have written great review of two Intel Pineview Mini-ITX motherboars. In their article they have introduced Jetway NC96-410-LF (single core atom) and Jetway NC94-510-LF (Dual Core Atom). Intel Pineview have been longly awaited platform and now thanks to this review we can see it in action. Bit-tech have done performance test of memory, sata, usb, multitasking and video processing/editing.

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