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MSI E350IA-E45 Motherboard Review

This new motherboard from MSI is quite powerful and uses the AMD Brazos platform. There are 2 DIMM slots and one full-size PCI Express graphics slot that are quite good in terms of their construction and power. The APU’s fan is attached with a heatsink on Hudson M1 chipset that makes a lot of noise. This noisy behavior was quite disappointing for us and an unexpected thing too. There is a possibility of using the PCI express slot for attaching an external graphics card but that is something I won’t recommend at all.

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MSI joins the AMD Fusion rumor…

It looks that soon we may expect a lot of great mini motherboards designed mostly to work as the HTPC base. MSI want to join the others and is going to release their ne E350IA-E45 mini-ITX motherboard soon. If anyone do not know the new AMD APU yet – it is ideal for building the mini htpc media center. E350 APU that will be on this board has 1.6Ghz dual-core processor that has a DirectX11 GPU. Such motherboard will allow for smooth Full HD video playback with low power consumption.

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MSI’s Mini-ITX Motherboard with Intel Atom Pineview launched:

MSI has announced the release of a new mini-ITX board, designed for use with the Intel ICH8M chipset and Intel Atom processors, on a low power platform. The I M-PV-C includes two DDR3 800 MHz So-DIMM sockets, five COM ports, eight USB 2.0 ports, and multiple video output. Depending on the processor, the board can also support up to 4GB memory.

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