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Review on Mini-ITX Cube Case Lian Li PC-Q08

With the advances in technology, a lot of improved and up to date products are being introduced in the market. These products certainly have high specifications as the competition in the market is so intense. Lian Li PC-Q08 Mini-ITX Cube Case is not so new in the market. Quite a few people are using this Case since its introduction I just came across a review about this product on a site named “Think Computers”. The review shows some of the major benefits of and characteristics of the product

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Lian Li PC-Q11 Mini-ITX case reviewed

Lian Li PC-Q11 Mini-ITX CaseThe HTPC has been evolving since the start of its birth. Many efforts have been made to make it most economical and affordable as well as more attractive and multifunction. The modern HTPC system is small and easy to handle. I was browsing about the new HTPC cases and I came across a review about the Lian Li PC-Q11 Mini-ITX Case. It is an amazing product that comes out of the crowd due to its striking features. It is very different from the previous versions and is more capacious.

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