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ASRock A330ION – world’s first ION board with DDR3 support reviewed

It looks that more and more services take seriously all Mini-ITX formatted motherboards. This time we can read a huge review of ASRock A330ION motherboard. First NVIDIA ION based mini motherboard with DDR3 support. As many of you may know this motherboard is ideal for building HTPC because of its high performance, video hardware decoding and low power consumption.

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Mini-ITX Pegatron IPX7A-ION/330 – not so passive

Thanks to iXBT Labs we have one more mini motherboard review. This time it is another ION based motherboard. This Mini-ITX form factor mainboard have been produced by not so well known Pegatron. When you see their mini motherboard IPX7A-ION/330 for the first time, you may think it is some very nice looking passively cooled Mini-ITX little motherboard. But you are wrong!

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ASRock A330ION – World first DDR3 + ION motherboard!

Asrock 330ionAsrock have presented their new mini motherboard powered by Intel® Atom 330 Dual Core processor. Motherboard is based on NVIDIA’s ION that can support Full HD media playback. A330ION is featuring dual channel DDR3 1066 memory support, 1 x PCI Express 2.0 x16 slot and Gigabit Ethernet.

What is so special in this mini motherboard? It is first motherboard with NVIDIA® MCP7A-ION chipset and DDR3 memory support! Other ION based constructions can support only DDR2. We will still have to wait for some benchmarks to get to know what this motherboard is really worth. But it is looking really promising!

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Bad Girls on Mini-ITX

badgirlsOn last CES 2010 there were a lot of great gadgets. But in the same time another expo take place. It is AVN 2010 (Adult Entertainment Expo). It would not be interesting according to topic of this website if it would not be related to Mini-ITX. Fortunately it is related so now there will be a little more about Bad Girls…

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Fanless Mini-ITX Asus AT3N7A-I with heatpipes!

Fanless Mini-ITXAsus AT3N7A-I can really be totally fanless! I have reported about possibility to get rid of original fans when you have good computer case with fans. But it looks that you may go even deeper! You can build a totally silent dual core Intel Atom platform with ION chipset onboard!

One of our readers have sent us a pictures of his setup. He have removed all fans from motherboard and have no any case fans! And temperatures are looking really good! He made it with heatpipes and two big heatsinks that are a part of his computer case (Coolermaster TC-100).

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New ZOTAC ION ITX-E & ITX-G Synergy Edition

ZOTAC ION ITX-E Synergy EditionZOTAC have announced a new ION ITX (more about ION ITX series here) motherboards from Synergy Edition. This motherboards just as previous in this series are capable to play full HD 1080p Blu-ray video thanks to NVIDIA® ION™ technology. ZOTAC ION ITX-E Series is powered by single-core Intel® Atom™ 230 while the ION ITX-G Series have the dual-core Intel® Atom™ 330 processor – both clocked at 1.6 GHz.

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New chipset from NVIDIA – ION 2 will be released this year!

NVIDIA IONNVIDIA have confirmed release of their new ION 2 chipset later this year. Chipset probably will be able to support more processors than first ION version. As NVIDIA says it all depends from customers demands. All that is known is that it will support differing PIV compatible CPUs as well as VIA’s Nano (Yea! That’s my favourite!) and of course as first version of ION – Intel Atom processor.

Current ION chipset (used in some great Mini-ITX motherboards as ZOTAC IONITX series or Asus ION AT3N7A-I) is able to smooth decode HD video in 1080p. New version will be probably able to handle even higher resolutions.

Unboxing Zotac ION ITX-F motherboard

A few days ago we have posted information about new Zotac ION ITX-F Mini-ITX motherboard. Zotac have published a nice video where they are unboxing it. On video you may see exact content of the box and their new motherboard. Here it is:

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New mini computer from ZOTAC powered by IONITX

ZOTAC MAG HDToday ZOTAC have unleashed a new nettop powered by mini motherboard with NVIDIA ION platform and Single (MAG HD-NS01) or Dual Core (MAG HD-ND01) Atom processor. They call this mini computer “Everywhere PC”. It is as small as 186mm x 189mm x 38mm and have great modern look. This sexy baby is probably powered by Zotac IONITX Mini-ITX motherboards (it is not clearly stated anywhere but size of this case suggest that only this motherboard could fit). You may put it flat on surface (like a desktop), put on attached stand (micro tower?) or attach it with VESA mount to you TV or monitor.

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ZOTAC ION ITX-F with PCI-express x16

ZOTAC ION ITX-FZOTAC have presented a new version of their mini motherboard from ION ITX series. New high-end motherboard ITX ION-F was extended with PCI Express x16 slot. The platform is equipped with high-performance NVIDIA ION and energy-efficient dual-core Intel Atom 330, this two will have great performance not only in high-definition video playback, but also in everyday applications. NVIDIA PureVideo HD technology in ITX ZOTAC ION-F allow for smooth playback of Blu-ray high bitrate video, with minimal CPU usage. NVIDIA CUDA enables fast processing, editing and correction of video with use of GPU ION and low energy consumption.

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