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More Sandy Bridge Mini Motherboard Reviews…

It looks that there is more and more great Intel Sandy Bridge powered Mini-ITX motherboards on the market. Moreover there are still more and more great and complete reviews about those mini motherboard on the net. And as most of my loyal readers already know I would not miss any great review and would not leave such one without my comment. So are you still looking for mini-itx motherboard that would be enough good for your HTPC Media Center setup? Thanks to tbreak technology blog you may learn a lot more about two of them – Zotac H67-ITX and ECS H67H2-I!

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Asus set to launch mini-ITX H67 board

Although Intel is going to present its new SANDY BRIDGE processor in January, a lot of computer companies have already brought to public next some motherboards, using new chipsets.

And Asus is not exception.

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