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Asus AT3IONT-I Deluxe reviewed

Just a few days ago I have been writing about new mini motherboard from Asus called ASUS AT5IONT-I. But we can not forget that the previously introduced Asus AT3IONT-I Deluxe is already on the market and is a real good piece of hardware for every HTPC enthusiast. So if you do not want to wait any more for AT5IONT-I and you are considering buying its previous version (that I may highly recommend by myself) I have a good news for you! Thanks to “neoseeker” you may read a review of AT3IONT-I Deluxe and see some performance tests.

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Building Silent 1080p Full HD Media Center HTPC. Part 2.

Here it a long awaited part 2 of our recommended hardware for building your own silent Full HD Media Center computer. As described in part 1 of this post, to all hardware I will use a three point scale:

  • 2 – it may be really disturbing in some cases
  • 1 – it is more silent than 2 🙂
  • 0 – component is totally silent

Components that will be in our setup are: motherboard + cpu, storage, computer chassis, psu, remote control, CD/DVD/Blue Ray player, TV Tuner and operating system. In this part we will recommend you best motherboard and storage. So here are our recommendations.

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Mini-ITX Pegatron IPX7A-ION/330 – not so passive

Thanks to iXBT Labs we have one more mini motherboard review. This time it is another ION based motherboard. This Mini-ITX form factor mainboard have been produced by not so well known Pegatron. When you see their mini motherboard IPX7A-ION/330 for the first time, you may think it is some very nice looking passively cooled Mini-ITX little motherboard. But you are wrong!

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Two mini Intel Pineview motherboards reviewed

Bit-Tech have written great review of two Intel Pineview Mini-ITX motherboars. In their article they have introduced Jetway NC96-410-LF (single core atom) and Jetway NC94-510-LF (Dual Core Atom). Intel Pineview have been longly awaited platform and now thanks to this review we can see it in action. Bit-tech have done performance test of memory, sata, usb, multitasking and video processing/editing.

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Community chooses Mini-ITX!

Open-PCFirst Open-PC computer created by community will be available for sale at the end of February 2010. If you have not heard about this project before here is their motto “Open-PC is a PC for everyday use built by the Linux community for the Linux community”. This news would not be published on this website if it would not be related to Mini-ITX form factor.

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ASRock A330ION – World first DDR3 + ION motherboard!

Asrock 330ionAsrock have presented their new mini motherboard powered by Intel® Atom 330 Dual Core processor. Motherboard is based on NVIDIA’s ION that can support Full HD media playback. A330ION is featuring dual channel DDR3 1066 memory support, 1 x PCI Express 2.0 x16 slot and Gigabit Ethernet.

What is so special in this mini motherboard? It is first motherboard with NVIDIA® MCP7A-ION chipset and DDR3 memory support! Other ION based constructions can support only DDR2. We will still have to wait for some benchmarks to get to know what this motherboard is really worth. But it is looking really promising!

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NORCO Low Power & Fanless Intel Atom N270-Based Mini-ITX PC

NorcoNORCO have anounced their Embedded BOX PC BIS-6591. It is based on Intel Atom™ N270 and 945GSE/ICH7-M mobile chipset. It is low power and totally fanless computer. What is unique for such computers and chassis are two PCI slots! Available interfaces are two video output (DVI and VGA), Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), two SATA ports ,two COM ports and two USB2.0.

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ASUS Pine Trail based Mini-ITX board

Asus Pine TrailASUS have presented on CES 2010 their new Pine Trail based Mini-ITX motherboard. It is dedicated for nettops and have been called AT5NM10-I. It is powered by one of Intel’s new Atom D510 processors and supporting NM10 chipset.

This motherboard supports up to 4GB RAM (one channel and two slots). It is equipped with one PCI slot 6 channel audio, 10/100 Ethernet, four USB 2.0 ports (and four via headers), D-Sub for display, serial and parallel ports, a PS/2 port and two SATA 3Gbps ports.

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ECS TIGT-I – motherboard with passively cooled dual core Intel Atom

ElitegroupElitegroup Computer Systems® (ECS) announces a new mini motherboard model based on the PineTrail platform with full support for S-ATA and PCI-E on southbridge with a mysterious name TIGT-I.

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Fanless Mini-ITX Asus AT3N7A-I with heatpipes!

Fanless Mini-ITXAsus AT3N7A-I can really be totally fanless! I have reported about possibility to get rid of original fans when you have good computer case with fans. But it looks that you may go even deeper! You can build a totally silent dual core Intel Atom platform with ION chipset onboard!

One of our readers have sent us a pictures of his setup. He have removed all fans from motherboard and have no any case fans! And temperatures are looking really good! He made it with heatpipes and two big heatsinks that are a part of his computer case (Coolermaster TC-100).

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