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ASRock A330ION – world’s first ION board with DDR3 support reviewed

It looks that more and more services take seriously all Mini-ITX formatted motherboards. This time we can read a huge review of ASRock A330ION motherboard. First NVIDIA ION based mini motherboard with DDR3 support. As many of you may know this motherboard is ideal for building HTPC because of its high performance, video hardware decoding and low power consumption.

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Building a Mini-ITX home backup server

Some time ago I have been writing a post about “Possible uses for your old Mini-ITX motherboard“. The word “old” was there but you may do same things with your “new” mini motherboard. Why am I recalling this post? It is because as one of uses there was mentioned “NAS” (network attached storage). It would let you to keep your files in one central point that may be accessed from all your home computers (laptops, desktops, htpc, smart phones and whatever more you may use at home). It looks that this idea have not been so bad as it have been brought to life and very deeply described by Chris Lowry.

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Community chooses Mini-ITX!

Open-PCFirst Open-PC computer created by community will be available for sale at the end of February 2010. If you have not heard about this project before here is their motto “Open-PC is a PC for everyday use built by the Linux community for the Linux community”. This news would not be published on this website if it would not be related to Mini-ITX form factor.

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ASRock A330ION – World first DDR3 + ION motherboard!

Asrock 330ionAsrock have presented their new mini motherboard powered by Intel® Atom 330 Dual Core processor. Motherboard is based on NVIDIA’s ION that can support Full HD media playback. A330ION is featuring dual channel DDR3 1066 memory support, 1 x PCI Express 2.0 x16 slot and Gigabit Ethernet.

What is so special in this mini motherboard? It is first motherboard with NVIDIA® MCP7A-ION chipset and DDR3 memory support! Other ION based constructions can support only DDR2. We will still have to wait for some benchmarks to get to know what this motherboard is really worth. But it is looking really promising!

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