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Building Cheap AMD Fusion HTPC

Today I have found an interesting post about making your own AMD Fusion Home Theatre PC. It would be quite interesting if not one thing. They have proposed building an AMD Fusion powered Media Center for “ONLY” $775 (article is here)! What…? Are they building some super duper gaming computer or what? After further reading I could not believe as they have been trying to build the cheapest possible setup. They have even chosen parts that are not expensive comparing to others on the market – but their prices were really high!

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MSI E350IA-E45 Motherboard Review

This new motherboard from MSI is quite powerful and uses the AMD Brazos platform. There are 2 DIMM slots and one full-size PCI Express graphics slot that are quite good in terms of their construction and power. The APU’s fan is attached with a heatsink on Hudson M1 chipset that makes a lot of noise. This noisy behavior was quite disappointing for us and an unexpected thing too. There is a possibility of using the PCI express slot for attaching an external graphics card but that is something I won’t recommend at all.

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Brazos APU by AMD – what is it all about?

“Brazos” platform has been released by AMD and is quite powerful. Two chipsets included in it are E-350 and Hudson M1 FCH. These are actually APU (Accelerated Processing Unit), a term being used by AMD instead of CPU.

These new APUs are quite powerful as well as work on low-power. Various models are known as C-30, C-50, E-240 and E-350. These names are kept “short” and there is no “suffix” or prefix with these names. These new APUs comes with the whole chipset, so if you want to upgrade, buying the whole chipset would be a must.

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Micro PC player with AMD Fusion APU!

IBASE technology has introduced a “super” signage player that is powered by the G-Series Fusion APU (by AMD) and has excellent HD6310 graphics. The exact model of the device is SI-18. According to IBASE up till now, it is the world’s smallest x86 digital signage player.

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AMD Fusion Mini-ITX motherboards reviews…

It looks that Mini-ITX format is getting more popular with every day. As there are a lot of new reviews popping up in the net I have decided to inform about them in accumulated posts. This time I have for you two reviews of Mini-ITX motherboards: MSI E350IA-E45 and Gigabyte GA-E350N-USB3 (that is already available on Amazon).

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MSI joins the AMD Fusion rumor…

It looks that soon we may expect a lot of great mini motherboards designed mostly to work as the HTPC base. MSI want to join the others and is going to release their ne E350IA-E45 mini-ITX motherboard soon. If anyone do not know the new AMD APU yet – it is ideal for building the mini htpc media center. E350 APU that will be on this board has 1.6Ghz dual-core processor that has a DirectX11 GPU. Such motherboard will allow for smooth Full HD video playback with low power consumption.

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First AMD Fusion APU Mini-ITX boards!

Asus E35MI-I DeluxeNew Mini-ITX motherboards powered by AMD Fusion APUs (codname Bobcat) are almost here! Thanks to bit-tech you may preview first three mini boards that are based on dual-core Zacate flavour of the CPU architecture! According to AMD their chipset will be able to play Full HD movies with as low as 20% of their CPU usage. It sounds very promising so if you are going to build or update your HTPC setup these boards may be worth to wait for.

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Contemporary AMD Platform in Mini-ITX Format

The changes are taking place in modern computers to make them more efficient and convenient to use. Contemporary AMD Platform in Mini Format is introduced to make them more useful and easy to handle. I was thinking to get an energy efficient system which could play 3D games. I counter a site “Xbit laboratories” containing articles about main boards. The article about Contemporary AMD Platform in Mini-ITX Format gave me the solution. This article contains complete information about the working of this system which comes with energy efficient AMD Athlon II processors.

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Gigabyte’s new mini-ITX Brazos board leaks

Xbitlabs has found itself at the center of excitement surrounding its leaking of the first mini-ITX Brazos motherboards. In addition to pictures and details of Gigabyte’s first Brazos board, Xbitlabs has also given further information: the GA-E350N-USB3 uses the AMD E-350 dual-core processor (at 1.6GHz with a Radeon HD 6310 graphics card), and has USB 3.0 functionality. The board also has active cooling.

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Zotac’s new 880G AMD Mini-ITX motherboards announced

Zotac has released details of two new motherboards in the Mini-ITX series. Both feature mini-PCIe modules enabling integrated Wi-Fi, twin DDR3 ports, video out connectors and a PCIe slot each. Both new boards are based on AMD HD4250 GPUs, and have corresponding HDMI + DVI rear connectors.

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