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More Sandy Bridge Mini Motherboard Reviews…

It looks that there is more and more great Intel Sandy Bridge powered Mini-ITX motherboards on the market. Moreover there are still more and more great and complete reviews about those mini motherboard on the net. And as most of my loyal readers already know I would not miss any great review and would not leave such one without my comment. So are you still looking for mini-itx motherboard that would be enough good for your HTPC Media Center setup? Thanks to tbreak technology blog you may learn a lot more about two of them – Zotac H67-ITX and ECS H67H2-I!

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The ideal HTPC board?

SemiAccurate has posted interesting news about Gigabyte H67 mini-ITX . Exact mini motherboard model is GA-H67N-USB3. It has the heatsink of the same style as other H67 and P67 boards. So what is so special in this motherboard? It sports twin HDMI ports! What for? I am really not sure… but I am sure it may have a lot of great usage scenarios – like displaying HTPC interface and some previews on on TV and the rest of the interface on another one… Would be cool – what do you think?

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Mini-ITX Foxconn H67S reviews…

Are you still waiting for new mini-itx motherboards with new AMD Zacate chipset? There is quite a nice alternative that is already available on the market. If you want a powerful mini motherboard and do not want to wait any longer you may be interested in Foxconn H67S! What is so special in it? Mostly it can support LGA1155 Cote i5 and Core i7 processors and up to 16GB DDR3 at 1,066MHz! Moreover you can attach a one 16x PCI-E 2.0 card and use it for any purpose (this kind of CPU may be enough for most everyday computer usage types).

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First AMD Fusion APU Mini-ITX boards!

Asus E35MI-I DeluxeNew Mini-ITX motherboards powered by AMD Fusion APUs (codname Bobcat) are almost here! Thanks to bit-tech you may preview first three mini boards that are based on dual-core Zacate flavour of the CPU architecture! According to AMD their chipset will be able to play Full HD movies with as low as 20% of their CPU usage. It sounds very promising so if you are going to build or update your HTPC setup these boards may be worth to wait for.

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Gigabyte H55N-USB3: Overclocking Mini-ITX board?

Gigabyte h55n-usb3You may be very surprised by this post but it is not just a “catchy title”. It looks that Gigabyte has created a mini over clocking monster. On the first look this mini motherboard is not looking better than most of other Mini-ITX form factor boards but the first impression is very misleading. Gigabyte H55N-USB3 is very powerful at it has been proved by Ross in his great very detailed article. He has proved that popular assumption that Mini-ITX don’t overclock well is fake!

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Contemporary AMD Platform in Mini-ITX Format

The changes are taking place in modern computers to make them more efficient and convenient to use. Contemporary AMD Platform in Mini Format is introduced to make them more useful and easy to handle. I was thinking to get an energy efficient system which could play 3D games. I counter a site “Xbit laboratories” containing articles about main boards. The article about Contemporary AMD Platform in Mini-ITX Format gave me the solution. This article contains complete information about the working of this system which comes with energy efficient AMD Athlon II processors.

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Jetway Release Mini-ITX Intel QM57 Motherboard

Jetway Computer Corporation has recently released the latest Intel QM57 Mini-ITX Motherboard. It can support the latest Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 mobile processors. The company is a renowned manufacturer of the motherboards designs. Some of the main features of this motherboard described at its released by the company are given blow. It comes with a very low profile CPU fan.

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Review on Mini-ITX Cube Case Lian Li PC-Q08

With the advances in technology, a lot of improved and up to date products are being introduced in the market. These products certainly have high specifications as the competition in the market is so intense. Lian Li PC-Q08 Mini-ITX Cube Case is not so new in the market. Quite a few people are using this Case since its introduction I just came across a review about this product on a site named “Think Computers”. The review shows some of the major benefits of and characteristics of the product

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Lian Li PC-Q11 Mini-ITX case reviewed

Lian Li PC-Q11 Mini-ITX CaseThe HTPC has been evolving since the start of its birth. Many efforts have been made to make it most economical and affordable as well as more attractive and multifunction. The modern HTPC system is small and easy to handle. I was browsing about the new HTPC cases and I came across a review about the Lian Li PC-Q11 Mini-ITX Case. It is an amazing product that comes out of the crowd due to its striking features. It is very different from the previous versions and is more capacious.

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GIGABYTE GA-H55N-USB3 Mini-ITX Motherboard Review

Thanks to “Future Looks” we can learn a lot more about this motherboard. As many of you may know this board from Gigabyte is designed to consume little power, create little noise, and generate little heat. To achieve this, the manufacturers have stripped the design of the unit down to the essentials, omitting such features as integrated Wi-Fi. Despite this, a capable and expandable system is left – and at about $100 (available on Amazon), its portability and efficiency seem worth the price.

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