Water-Cooled Mini-ITX pc from CyberPower

CyberPower have announced a new version of their compact LAN Mini H2o V2 PC. This mini-pc is packed with the latest Intel LGA 1156 Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs with P55 chipset and super-fast and smooth Direct X 11 graphics. They claim that it is one of the smallest and fastest Mini Computers on the world. For sure it can rival with many of full size desktop pc’s and it measures only 11.25 (L) x 8.75 (W) x 7 (H) inches and weighs under 10 pounds. It have been built with LAN gaming in mind.

This mini-ITX computer is powered by DFI LANParty MI P55-T36 motherboard. But thanks to water cooling it is even more powerful that stated in it’s specification. Computer is packed with Intel Core i7 turbo-boosted 860 CPU, and ATI’s Radeon 5670 video card, which features DirectX 11 graphics and Eyefinity 3-monitor display technology.

What is most unique in this mini computer is that it  features LAN Mini H2o V2 Asetek’s LCLC water-cooling solution. All of it is packed to the compact sized Silverstone SST-SG05 chassis that let you keep the processor cool and to provide excellent overclocking capabilities.

In standard configuration it will be build with 4GBs of DDR3 memory (upgradeable to a maximum of 8GBs), 500GB hard drive, onboard WiFi support, an optional Blu-ray drive, 7.1 Channel HD Audio with Creative X-FI technology, and built-in HDMI port. According to CyberPower press release computer will be fully customizable. In base configuration it have been priced to $995.

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