SilverStone Mini-ITX Sugo SG07 Prototype

Silverstone SG07During CES 2010 SilverStone has presented a prototype of their new SG07 Mini-ITX chassis. What is most interesting in it is that it can fit the 12.2″ (309mm) ATI Radeon 5970 card and a custom & single-rail 600w power supply. This chassis measure only 222mm x 190mm x 350mm. So it looks that it is really well designed.

SG07 is cooled by a 180MM fan that should be much more quiet than most of standard 120MM fans. Sliding air duct may be adjusted to cool your graphic card in most effective way. Additionally fan is equipped with a removable dust filter for easy cleaning. 600w PSU have been mounted on front of the chassis and there is still enough place left to fit additional cooler.

And here is a movie provided by Legit Reviews.

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