NORCO Low Power & Fanless Intel Atom N270-Based Mini-ITX PC

NorcoNORCO have anounced their Embedded BOX PC BIS-6591. It is based on Intel Atom™ N270 and 945GSE/ICH7-M mobile chipset. It is low power and totally fanless computer. What is unique for such computers and chassis are two PCI slots! Available interfaces are two video output (DVI and VGA), Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), two SATA ports ,two COM ports and two USB2.0.

Chassis measures 229 mm x 194 mm x 110 mm and have been build to be truly fanless (ICE FIN®). It have been designed as an ideal small form factor system for applications such as digital video surveillance, medical equipment solutions, healthcare automation system, intelligent transportation system, digital signage solutions.

QingGuo Wang, Chief Technical Officer of China NORCO have guaranteed that this system have been build to operate totally fanless with safe temperatures even on 100% CPU load.

If it would be ION based it might be a great HTPC solution. Two PCI slots would be great for multiple TV tuners… Fanless chassis is totally silent so it would be great for your home cinema. Unfortunately it is not ION based…

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