Gigabyte H55N-USB3: Overclocking Mini-ITX board?

Gigabyte h55n-usb3You may be very surprised by this post but it is not just a “catchy title”. It looks that Gigabyte has created a mini over clocking monster. On the first look this mini motherboard is not looking better than most of other Mini-ITX form factor boards but the first impression is very misleading. Gigabyte H55N-USB3 is very powerful at it has been proved by Ross in his great very detailed article. He has proved that popular assumption that Mini-ITX don’t overclock well is fake!

This motherboard in comparison to his bigger brothers is great and what is important – cheaper – alternative for gaming! This is no longer truth that Mini-ITX computers may be dedicated only to some tasks like HTPC or file sharing. Great overclocking abilities of this mini board are hidden in BIOS and great components.

I believe that a lot of people will be still buying Mini-ITX boards just for lowering the cost, power usage and heat. But it looks that this board is not worse alternative for bigger one and it may save a lot of space on your desktop. H55N-USB3 may still be a great choice for HTPC – but you may do with it even more. Such features like USB3.0, USB power ON/OFF function for charging devices and connections to oldest and newest monitors (including HD TV!) are just a few more addons that may help you to build your HTPC with it.

Of course if you want to read more about performance of this board you really need to check out article written by Ross on Overclockers website.

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