First AMD Fusion APU Mini-ITX boards!

Asus E35MI-I DeluxeNew Mini-ITX motherboards powered by AMD Fusion APUs (codname Bobcat) are almost here! Thanks to bit-tech you may preview first three mini boards that are based on dual-core Zacate flavour of the CPU architecture! According to AMD their chipset will be able to play Full HD movies with as low as 20% of their CPU usage. It sounds very promising so if you are going to build or update your HTPC setup these boards may be worth to wait for.

Gigabyte GA-E350N-USB3

As we may read on the post on bit-tech by Richard Swinburne there are at least three ready and functional Mini-ITX mainboards based on the new AMD Fusion APU. First companies that have their boards ready are Gigabyte with their GA-E350N-USB3 board (quite similar to their Atom based GA-E350N-USB3), Asus and their amazingly looking E35MI-I Deluxe and MSI with E350-E45 model.

MSI E350-E45

It looks that only Asus board will be sold as passively cooled so it may be good choice for silent HTPC media center. At least you may trust to Gigabyte enough to believe that their board may be running without fun if it has good airflow… But how good is good?

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