Contemporary AMD Platform in Mini-ITX Format

The changes are taking place in modern computers to make them more efficient and convenient to use. Contemporary AMD Platform in Mini Format is introduced to make them more useful and easy to handle. I was thinking to get an energy efficient system which could play 3D games. I counter a site “Xbit laboratories” containing articles about main boards. The article about Contemporary AMD Platform in Mini-ITX Format gave me the solution. This article contains complete information about the working of this system which comes with energy efficient AMD Athlon II processors.

It can run all the components of the system with power as low as 100 Watts. Asus M4A88T-I Deluxe main-board is a miracle of hardware engineering and it is also energy efficient. This review gives the minor details of the processor by describing each and every slot and its function.

The details of the power consumption by each and every component of the system are analyzed. You may have a thorough look at the review by following this url. The mini format of the system is a better option to go for.

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