Intel D510MO Mini-ITX Motherboard Review

Big Bruins blog have posted a review of Intel D510MO Mini-ITX motherboard. This mini motherboard is powered with 1.66GHz dual core Intel Atom processor and is fanless – cooled with heatsink. They have tested it with SSD (solid state drive) and fanless Pico PSU so they got totally noiseless system! Motherboard is very easy to expand as it is build with two memory slots, two SATA ports, a PCI slot, a mini PCI Express connection, and a few of USB ports.

Thanks to their review you will learn more about this motherboard performance. Motherboard looks to be easy to expand. Unfortunately it is not enough powerful for gaming and it support only DirectX 9. You will find more details in this review.

This motherboard is available at Amazon:
Intel Desktop Board D510MO with integrated Intel Atom processor

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  • i prechase new d510 board.after instal the window.i download latest bios d510.then i instal system invalied error.same error in bio file…plz send me sloution how to update bios.

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