ASUS AT5IONT-I – Make your dreams come true!

It looks that a perfect HTPC motherboard that all of us have been waiting for is almost here! Asus AT5IONT-I is passively cooled mini motherboard that may be ideal for building powerful multi purpose computer for your living room! The heart of this motherboard will be powered by dual-core, hyper-threaded 1.8GHz Intel Atom D525 processor!

Moreover it will be paired with a second generation NVIDIA ION chipset armed with 16 CUDA cores, 512MB of video memory hooked up to a 64-bit interface, hardware video acceleration and support for DX10.1! It is more than enough for playing your Full HD media and even for basic gaming!

As mentioned before it is cooled by huge passive heat sink that makes it totally noiseless (it won’t disturb you during watching movies or even if you will want to sleep in your living room!). Motherboard is equipped with two DDR3 SODIMM slots that let you use up to 4GB of memory!

Moreover it has PCIe x4 expansion slot, integrated 7.1 channel Realtek ALC887 audio, two SATA connectors, Gigabit Ethernet and built-in Wireless N. The rear I/O provides a choice of HDMI or DVI outputs, as well as optical S/PDIF for your audio, and you get eSATA and four USB ports – two of which are of the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 variety.

It looks like an ideal motherboard for building super small, totally silent and very powerful media center or even multi purpose living room pc!

ASUS tells the board should be showing up at retailers any day now priced at around £125.

7 Responses to “ASUS AT5IONT-I – Make your dreams come true!”

  • how does this compare to the A330ION?
    I still do not understand if the new D525 is better than the old 330 or not.

    I don’t understand the new product lines from Intel.
    Why don’t they have any dual core Atom CPU with Intel Virtualization Technology? and why just 2 dual core Atom CPU?

  • smnbss:

    basically the 330 is “stronger” but has no video on the cpu-die, as in “Pine Trail” cpus, such as the D525.. I personally don’t care for the Pine Trail line – they are great for simple machines, but if you want ANY multipurposeness to it whatsoever, take a step back to the 330.. 330 is where it’s at until they come out with something new.

    The 230 sucks dick all around.. if it’s ever a tossup between 230, 330 or the Pine Trails.. go 330.

  • so basically you’re saying 330 is better than D525?

  • 330 is slower than d510, consumes more power & requires a fan with the non ion version. (i have both non ion & ditched 330) the 525 would be quite good.

    amd’s fusion should be faster than atom as should the graphics power compared to ion under windows but under linux opengl its wait & see

  • D510 = 330 + integrated graphics.

    performance wise D510 is slightly faster than 330 due to the integrated of northbridge+video card in the CPU.

    but the integrated video card in D510 is lame. It’s only good for web browsing, open office, 2D games. and barely enough for 720p movies.

    If you want to play 3D games & watch 1080p movies, better have Atom 330 + nvidia Ion2. It’s 3x faster in 3D. And when watching 1080p movies, it only use small CPU %% because it’s offload to the ion2. meaning… less jerky.

  • Did you guys even read this article? It plainly says that this board has the Ion2 chipset, it’s not using the slow inbuilt D510 graphics. So given the same Ion2 graphics…Atom 330 1.6Ghz vs Atom D510 1.8Ghz = slight edge for the D510 over the 330, but not enough to trade up if you already have an Ion2 330 board.

  • I bought the 525 without the NVIDIA. The Asus AT5NM10-I. The reason was to create DAW with my good old pci card from M-Audio Delta 1010. Sure intel shuts the cpu/gpu down to a point where it will not do 1080p. But I find that it will do GoogleEarth spinning globe and flight simulator (on the moon with the F16) in full screen without a hickup. So the graphics, though not gamer crazy are plenty adequate for just about everything web oriented.

    The pine trail cpu if hooked up to an NVIDIA ION should really be something special. As the intel cpu/gpu cores will now take on the primary functions like a quad and hand over the graphics to a different chipset. Like the author said it should make one heck of a blueray capable HTPC in a small form case. Especially with 512 meg of dedicated onboard gpu ram.

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