Fanless Mini-ITX Asus AT3N7A-I with heatpipes!

Fanless Mini-ITXAsus AT3N7A-I can really be totally fanless! I have reported about possibility to get rid of original fans when you have good computer case with fans. But it looks that you may go even deeper! You can build a totally silent dual core Intel Atom platform with ION chipset onboard!

One of our readers have sent us a pictures of his setup. He have removed all fans from motherboard and have no any case fans! And temperatures are looking really good! He made it with heatpipes and two big heatsinks that are a part of his computer case (Coolermaster TC-100).

He let us know about his setup with a comment to one of our post:

Heloo! i just instaled the asus motherboard in a coolermaster tc-100 case, a passive case with heatpipes, and the cpu stays at 30 in idle and 50 in load, i think that’s good! By the way ..i did a small modification to the system by mounting a custom aluminium plate between the cpu+gpu and the aluminium blocks provided by coolermaster because the sistem was not designed for the asus board. If you are intrested a can put some pictures.

Of course we were interested! He have sent us more description with photos of his great setup:

Hi! As a promise i’m sending you some pictrues of my htpc.
Behind the cooler master cpu and chipset blocks is 1 aluminium custom
plate, as you can see i also instaled a tv tuner ( asus cinema 3000
my windows 7 index score is cpu 3.5, ram 5, aero 5.8. graphics game 5.1, hdd 5.
If you need more details let me know!

And here are the photos of this great setup. Really unbelievable! It looks amazing! It makes me so jealous…

Heat pipes

Heat pipes connected

Heat pipes with heat sink

Mini-ITX with heat pipes

Case with heat sinks

Case with heatsinks and tv tuner

Back panel

Front panel

Fanless Mini-ITX case with heat sinks

Temperature screenshot

It looks that temperatures are really low! It is really great box for home theater mini computer. Enough powerful for Full HD media playback and totally silent!

And what is your opinion about this setup? Do you have any questions? Please share your in the comments!

This motherboard is available at Amazon: Asus AT3N7A-I

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