The ideal HTPC board?

SemiAccurate has posted interesting news about Gigabyte H67 mini-ITX . Exact mini motherboard model is GA-H67N-USB3. It has the heatsink of the same style as other H67 and P67 boards. So what is so special in this motherboard? It sports twin HDMI ports! What for? I am really not sure… but I am sure it may have a lot of great usage scenarios – like displaying HTPC interface and some previews on on TV and the rest of the interface on another one… Would be cool – what do you think?

Besides this one feature there seems to be nothing more special in it. It is one more of Sandy Bridge mini-itx motherboards. Gigabyte has put a pair of full-size DIMM slots in it and x16 PCI Express port. Moreover it has SATA 6GBps and two SATA 3GBps interfaces available and two pin headers for USB 2.0 ports.

So why this motherboard may be so interesting for your HTPC? Is this really ideal HTPC motherboard? Following the article on SemiAccurate this two HDMI ports plus Intel support for decoding two HD video streams simultaneously may provide some very interesting HTPC implementations. But who really needs in at home…? Would you have some more ideas for two HDMI ports usage?

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  • The only thing I can think of is splitting the audio and video without going through a receiver: One HDMI directly connected to display, other one connected to amplifier for audio decoding.

  • Yes, HDMI supports 24 bit audio, whereas S/PDIF(Optical) only supports upto 20 bit audio. That seems to be a good idea.

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