Mini-ITX Foxconn H67S reviews…

Are you still waiting for new mini-itx motherboards with new AMD Zacate chipset? There is quite a nice alternative that is already available on the market. If you want a powerful mini motherboard and do not want to wait any longer you may be interested in Foxconn H67S! What is so special in it? Mostly it can support LGA1155 Cote i5 and Core i7 processors and up to 16GB DDR3 at 1,066MHz! Moreover you can attach a one 16x PCI-E 2.0 card and use it for any purpose (this kind of CPU may be enough for most everyday computer usage types).

Just if you would like to know more about all disadvantages and advantages of this little and powerful mini-itx motherboard you should really be interested in the last one review posted on bit-tech website. They have tested the performance of this mini motherboard from each side like image/video editing, multi-tasking, SATA and even gaming performance! You may read the full review here.

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