Wesena ITX7 HTPC case review

If you ever want to create a home theatre PC (also known as HTPC) then one of the hardest thing to choose is its case. This case should look like an A/V unit so that your PC actually shows that it is a small home theatre unit. There were various problems with finding these cases, either they are too much in weight, or doesn’t suit a persons likes and needs, so finding and purchasing a case is probably the toughest part.

In previous days, one had a very limited choice of mini-ITX cases and something like OrigenAE M10 or the “CubeCase” very the only choices. But recently, “WESENA” has created a very nice and slim form factor, HTPC case that looks like an A/V stack as well as works perfectly as a computer case. There are two versions of this case, one has the logo in comparatively bigger size, around 1-inch wide and the other has it in little smaller size.

On the front side, support for two USB ports, Card-reader slot, power button, a CD-ROM slot and an infrared (IR) receiver is available. On the left side of the CD-slot, a button is present which allows the user to press the “eject” button of the drive. The amount of light emitted by the power LED is also very “controlled”, that is, neither too bright nor too dim, it is made just perfect.

The ITX7 case is made of very thick sheet of aluminum that gives the case a great and solid look and feel. As the size of this case is comparatively smaller than other cases, so you will not be able to use the traditional ATX power supply unit (also known as PSU) so a smaller alternative needs to be put there. A nice mounting bracket and a good-sized GlacialTech is there as an exhaust fan. But this is true that this fan make noticeable noise, so we changed it with Artic Cooling 80mm (PWM).

There is a bracket for the optical drive and one hard drive of 2.5” (mounted at bottom) and another 3.5” is also provided. The 3.5” mount also has vibration insulators and this hard drive also requires a low profile CPU heat sink and fan (HSF). The dimensions of the product are 240x250x100mm and the approximate weight is around 2.3Kg. Overall, it is going to be a great choice and will solve a number of problems faced in previously available cases.

You may read the full review of this great htpc case at MissingRemote blog.

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