HTPC Silverstone GD05B Case Review

Silverstone GD05B is another very good product that fits the classic HTPC case design. It has been made of elegant classic brushed aluminium and plastic. It will fit to all your current Home Theatre segment as it is similar in size with other receivers that may be found on the market. On front of this case you will find a place for 5.25 device like DVD or Blu-ray drive, two buttons to power it up and reset, 2 usb ports and 2 audio ports. It is simple and great looking case to fit your Mini-ITX or even Micro-ATX motherboard!

You may be surprised how well this case is being ventilated. You will find two 120mm fans on the right side of it. It will blow across your motherboard to another 120mm fan that has been put on the left side. Moreover you will find two additional spots for 80mm fans that has been placed over I/O shield. For sure this case has not been designed for people that want to run their Home Theatre PC fanless and passively cooled. Anyway I still find it working silent for the number of fans it have.

On the back of this case you will find 4slots for PC, PCI-E or other extension slots and a fully sized ATX PSU. Moreover it has a fifth slot that has been put over the PSU that may be used for mounting some additional ports like USB or Firewire. It should be enough for most media center setups.

Inside of this case you will find place to mount two 3.5″ devices with isolating grommets and thick shank screws. And one place for 2.5″ SSD drive (not isolated) as those are more and more popular with each day. Personally I would not mount SSD to this case as the only advantage of such drive may be a completely noiseless work that would not give you much with all that fans around. At least not with current SSD drives prices.

At all if you are not looking for passive solution but want to build a HTCP with some powerful CPU this case may be a really good choice. It looks solid and will present well on your HTPC segment. It will fit with size many of high quality receivers (dimension are 440 mm x 150 mm x 325 mm). Moreover it may fit most of motherboards that you may be interested (not only Mini-ITX!). With a average to HTPC cases segment price (below $90 on Amazon) you get great quality and well recognized brand.

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