Let Your Voice Be Heard by DirecTV

Constant connectivity is bringing together our technology in all the ways that we had always hoped. DirecTV is playing along too, the company has been making big strides into smart phone apps that tie into your family’s home theater. The revamped version of the DirecTV mobile app makes interfacing with their guide and your home theater easier than it has been in the past from wherever you happen to be at the time.

Whether you are using an iPhone, iPod or iPad all of your Apple mobile devices (iOS 5.0 or later only) are ready to go for this app. Imagine the convenience of piping your favorite television shows directly to the palm of your hands. That is some powerful stuff by itself, but then add on the ability to make voice commands and we are talking about Jetsons level technology here, folks. Toss in the ability to get ratings about shows as well as share what you have been watching on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and this thing is as good as gold.

The Genie is Out of the Lamp

Additionally, when you couple the app with the DirecTV Genie, a receiver for content at home, you have an incredibly powerful system that can manage all your television content wishes. This is definitely one of the most feature rich video entertainment management components that DirecTV has ever released to their subscribers. To use this new technology you will have to be a DirecTV customer, sign up using www.install-direct-tv.com for special deals on new packages. If you have not heard much about this product then you are in luck because we are going to provide a breakdown of some of the “must haves” that are baked into this unit right out of the factory.

The Genie will record up to 5 shows at the same time, pretty incredible for a single device. Which means you and the rest of the family never have to miss your favorite shows. Factor in the ability to view two channels in split screen Picture-in Picture (PIP) mode and you can watch and record 7 shows through this device, simultaneously.
One of the most awesome capabilities of the Genie is its powerful control over your content throughout the house. Using a Genie Mini, or available on select Samsung and Sony television units, it is possible to pause a show on one screen then resume play in another corner of your home. That is innovation! RVU technology is the way of the future as our home, office and vehicles become more integrated into our digital existence. The lady of the house will be happy to know that this new system aims to avoid or get rid of unsightly cables that are typically the bane of home entertainment theater systems.

If all this is not enough to convince you to rub the lamp and have all your wishes granted by the Genie then maybe a 1 TB hard drive will. That’s right, this thing is loaded down with enough storage space to keep all your favorite shows until you have a chance to watch them. Plus, you can schedule out the recorder for a full 2 weeks in advance so there is no reason to miss those nightly episodes anymore.

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