Building Cheap AMD Fusion HTPC

Today I have found an interesting post about making your own AMD Fusion Home Theatre PC. It would be quite interesting if not one thing. They have proposed building an AMD Fusion powered Media Center for “ONLY” $775 (article is here)! What…? Are they building some super duper gaming computer or what? After further reading I could not believe as they have been trying to build the cheapest possible setup. They have even chosen parts that are not expensive comparing to others on the market – but their prices were really high!

It is why I have decided to show you that you can build such (or even better) setup much cheaper and you can buy all parts online on one website and have all of those delivered to you doors without leaving home!

If you don’t know it yet the AMD Fusion APU powered motherboards are currently the best choice for building a Full HD, low energy consumption Media Center. You can read about it on my earlier post about AMD Fusion. Only good alternative may be the ION platform but I will write about it in another post. So let’s start the list with components of my choice.

Motherboard with AMD Fusion APU

In the post mentioned before the choice was MSI E350IA-E45. I would agree because of good price and quality. Only thing that may be disturbing are fans placed on this Mini-ITX motherboard. Anyway you may try to replace those small fans with some big and silent one on the case. This motherboard has 7.1 audio integrated, USB 3.0 for fast file transfer and HDMI output to connect to your Full HD TV. So it has all that may be required on modern HTPC.

Their price: $170.00
Online price: $139.99 (You may see and buy it here)
Saved: $30.01

Memory (RAM)

They have proposed Kingston ValueRAM 4GB DDR3 1,333MHz KVR1333D3N9K2/4G. Not to be too mean (as I might propose other ram way less than half a price of those) – I will propose the same memory. It is good quality to the value. But my price will be a way lower as well!

Their price: $99.00
Online price: $45.42 (You may see and buy it here)
Saved: $53.58

Mini-ITX Media Center Case

In this place they have proposed “Aywun A1-8989W White Cube Case”. I would not agree at all. Firstly as in most of listed by them components their price is high. Moreover that case do not have HTPC look & feel. This is just some small desktop case that I really do not like… And white one…? No way…

In this place I will suggest another very nice, much more cheap and good looking Media Center case. My choice is Apex MI-100. It is small and elegant Mini-ITX case that has classic black look. It is getting great reviews from people who bought it! It just have enough place to put everything and keep it looking good.

Their price: $72.00
Online price: $39.99 (You may see and buy it here)
Saved: $32.01

Blu-ray/DVD reader

No much change here but the price. They have suggested “Lite-On IHOS104 Blu-ray/DVD reader”. I can recommend the same but of course their price is a way too high!

Their price: $99.00
Online price: $64.99 (You may see and buy it here)
Saved: $34.01


They have suggested to put SSD disk instead of HDD. In my honest opinion this is not very good idea. Their choice was to install “Corsair Nova V64 64GB SSD”. It is only 64GB and cost $160! As it is so small they suggested to buy external “Samsung STORY 1TB” that is another $125! In total you would pay $285 and would have to keep additional box (external storage) near you HTPC. It is crazy!

My recommendation is to buy some internal 3.5″ HDD. As it is not passive and silent setup you will not hear it at all and you will not have to buy additional external storage.  My choice is WD Caviar 2TB. It is almost double storage than in mentioned article and much cheaper!

Their price (1 TB): $160.00 + $125.00 = $285.00
Online price (2 TB): $79.99 (You may see and buy it here)
Saved: $205.01

Remote Control

On the mentioned post they recommended some standard looking not to well optimized for media center remote control. It is called “Compro VideoMate K200”. To be honest I have not even heard about this manufacturer… And it costs $50! Way to much for such ugly remote!

My choice is totally other. It is “Lenovo Multimedia Remote with Keyboard“. It is very handy remote control with full “qwerty” keyboard and awesome futuristic look! Great for everyday use and for HTPC configuration (you do not have to attach full keyboard any more!). And it is cheaper than previous recommendation!

Their price: $50.00
Online price: $35.49 (You may see and buy it here)
Saved: $14.51


According to mentioned post you have just saved $369.13! You have double storage for you multimedia, much more functional remote control and no any additional boxes (external storage) to worry about! Instead of paying $775.00 you can build it for $405.87 and have it delivered to your doors and not even leave your sofa! You can build a great AMD Fusion powered Home Theatre PC for almost half of the suggested price and with even better functionality! What is the conclusion…? It is worth to shop on-line and do not believe recommendations from all websites around…

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