Mini-ITX Pegatron IPX7A-ION/330 – not so passive

Thanks to iXBT Labs we have one more mini motherboard review. This time it is another ION based motherboard. This Mini-ITX form factor mainboard have been produced by not so well known Pegatron. When you see their mini motherboard IPX7A-ION/330 for the first time, you may think it is some very nice looking passively cooled Mini-ITX little motherboard. But you are wrong!

I do not say that it is not nice looking… And when you see you may notice there are no any fans installed… Unfortunately this motherboard needs at least one case fan that may cool it’s two heatsinks. As reported by iXBT Labs if you do not use such fan (even in open case), the motherboard hangs and reboots every 20 minutes.

To get known more read full review by iXBT Labs.

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