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Thermaltake Element-Q Reviewed… Again?

Some time ago (in this post) I have been writing about a review of great Mini-ITX case – Thermaltake Element-Q. As I have been writing about it already and linking to previous review I will not repeat the specification now. Just if you do not want to surf and read all my previous posts this case is a quite and very comfortable to use Mini-ITX case I can truly recommend… But… if you still want more and/or are unsure about buying this case I have a great news for you!

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Mini-ITX in your Hi-FI tower?

A few days ago there was post about great looking Mini-ITX Hi-Fi like cases on bit-tech. I believe that their article was a paid advertisement but who cares until it is something really worth of your attention (I am not paid for this)… Cases they were writing about have been produced by Taiwanese manufacturer called “SEED“. Unfortunately¬† I have not seen them in any shops yet (not even on my favorite Amazon) but as they have paid for the ads it should be available in shops soon.

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