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MSI E350IA-E45 Motherboard Review

This new motherboard from MSI is quite powerful and uses the AMD Brazos platform. There are 2 DIMM slots and one full-size PCI Express graphics slot that are quite good in terms of their construction and power. The APU’s fan is attached with a heatsink on Hudson M1 chipset that makes a lot of noise. This noisy behavior was quite disappointing for us and an unexpected thing too. There is a possibility of using the PCI express slot for attaching an external graphics card but that is something I won’t recommend at all.

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New Mini-ITX Zotac motherboard…

Zotac NM10-E-E is the new mini motherboard based on Intel NM10 chipset and is compatible with the newest CPUs like Intel Atom dual-core units. Motherboard seems a good choice for users that are going to upgrade their mini pc systems with a little more powerful motherboard.

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AMD Fusion Mini-ITX motherboards reviews…

It looks that Mini-ITX format is getting more popular with every day. As there are a lot of new reviews popping up in the net I have decided to inform about them in accumulated posts. This time I have for you two reviews of Mini-ITX motherboards: MSI E350IA-E45 and Gigabyte GA-E350N-USB3 (that is already available on Amazon).

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MSI joins the AMD Fusion rumor…

It looks that soon we may expect a lot of great mini motherboards designed mostly to work as the HTPC base. MSI want to join the others and is going to release their ne E350IA-E45 mini-ITX motherboard soon. If anyone do not know the new AMD APU yet – it is ideal for building the mini htpc media center. E350 APU that will be on this board has 1.6Ghz dual-core processor that has a DirectX11 GPU. Such motherboard will allow for smooth Full HD video playback with low power consumption.

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More Sandy Bridge Mini Motherboard Reviews…

It looks that there is more and more great Intel Sandy Bridge powered Mini-ITX motherboards on the market. Moreover there are still more and more great and complete reviews about those mini motherboard on the net. And as most of my loyal readers already know I would not miss any great review and would not leave such one without my comment. So are you still looking for mini-itx motherboard that would be enough good for your HTPC Media Center setup? Thanks to tbreak technology blog you may learn a lot more about two of them – Zotac H67-ITX and ECS H67H2-I!

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The ideal HTPC board?

SemiAccurate has posted interesting news about Gigabyte H67 mini-ITX . Exact mini motherboard model is GA-H67N-USB3. It has the heatsink of the same style as other H67 and P67 boards. So what is so special in this motherboard? It sports twin HDMI ports! What for? I am really not sure… but I am sure it may have a lot of great usage scenarios – like displaying HTPC interface and some previews on on TV and the rest of the interface on another one… Would be cool – what do you think?

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Mini-ITX Foxconn H67S reviews…

Are you still waiting for new mini-itx motherboards with new AMD Zacate chipset? There is quite a nice alternative that is already available on the market. If you want a powerful mini motherboard and do not want to wait any longer you may be interested in Foxconn H67S! What is so special in it? Mostly it can support LGA1155 Cote i5 and Core i7 processors and up to 16GB DDR3 at 1,066MHz! Moreover you can attach a one 16x PCI-E 2.0 card and use it for any purpose (this kind of CPU may be enough for most everyday computer usage types).

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Asus set to launch mini-ITX H67 board

Although Intel is going to present its new SANDY BRIDGE processor in January, a lot of computer companies have already brought to public next some motherboards, using new chipsets.

And Asus is not exception.

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ASUS AT5IONT-I – Make your dreams come true!

It looks that a perfect HTPC motherboard that all of us have been waiting for is almost here! Asus AT5IONT-I is passively cooled mini motherboard that may be ideal for building powerful multi purpose computer for your living room! The heart of this motherboard will be powered by dual-core, hyper-threaded 1.8GHz Intel Atom D525 processor!

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ASRock A330ION – world’s first ION board with DDR3 support reviewed

It looks that more and more services take seriously all Mini-ITX formatted motherboards. This time we can read a huge review of ASRock A330ION motherboard. First NVIDIA ION based mini motherboard with DDR3 support. As many of you may know this motherboard is ideal for building HTPC because of its high performance, video hardware decoding and low power consumption.

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