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Let Your Voice Be Heard by DirecTV

Constant connectivity is bringing together our technology in all the ways that we had always hoped. DirecTV is playing along too, the company has been making big strides into smart phone apps that tie into your family’s home theater. The revamped version of the DirecTV mobile app makes interfacing with their guide and your home theater easier than it has been in the past from wherever you happen to be at the time.

Whether you are using an iPhone, iPod or iPad all of your Apple mobile devices (iOS 5.0 or later only) are ready to go for this app. Imagine the convenience of piping your favorite television shows directly to the palm of your hands. That is some powerful stuff by itself, but then add on the ability to make voice commands and we are talking about Jetsons level technology here, folks. Toss in the ability to get ratings about shows as well as share what you have been watching on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and this thing is as good as gold.

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Building Cheap AMD Fusion HTPC

Today I have found an interesting post about making your own AMD Fusion Home Theatre PC. It would be quite interesting if not one thing. They have proposed building an AMD Fusion powered Media Center for “ONLY” $775 (article is here)! What…? Are they building some super duper gaming computer or what? After further reading I could not believe as they have been trying to build the cheapest possible setup. They have even chosen parts that are not expensive comparing to others on the market – but their prices were really high!

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Brazos APU by AMD – what is it all about?

“Brazos” platform has been released by AMD and is quite powerful. Two chipsets included in it are E-350 and Hudson M1 FCH. These are actually APU (Accelerated Processing Unit), a term being used by AMD instead of CPU.

These new APUs are quite powerful as well as work on low-power. Various models are known as C-30, C-50, E-240 and E-350. These names are kept “short” and there is no “suffix” or prefix with these names. These new APUs comes with the whole chipset, so if you want to upgrade, buying the whole chipset would be a must.

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Micro PC player with AMD Fusion APU!

IBASE technology has introduced a “super” signage player that is powered by the G-Series Fusion APU (by AMD) and has excellent HD6310 graphics. The exact model of the device is SI-18. According to IBASE up till now, it is the world’s smallest x86 digital signage player.

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