What is Mini-ITX mainboard?


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Mini-ITX format is a computer motherboard measuring 17 x 17 cm (or 6.7 x 6.7 inches). These mainboards are extremely efficient because they are characterized by very low power consumption. The specification of this format was developed in 2002 by VIA Technologies and their EPIA motherboards. Mini-ITX format is slightly smaller than microATX.

Low power consumption does not cause such a large heat release by mainboard components making the Mini-ITX can often be passively cooled, which makes this format ideal for silent home theater systems, where fan noise can be distracting and interfere when you are watching a movies or listen to music. It was first mini motherboard format introduced by VIA. The smaller they have announced later are Embedded ITX, Nano-ITX and Pico ITX. Until today Mini-ITX is till most popular “Mini” motherboard format.

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  • Please let me add one thing about current Mini-ITX Boards.
    There are also boards on the market which combine small size and powerful hardware.
    Not only the Home Theater PC guy is directed, but also LAN party guys or people who are looking for space saving and fast solution.

    The most famous combination to get fast, small PC seems to be the ZOTAC 9300 Mini-ITX(with 775/PCIEx16) + SilverStone Sugo SG05 case + highend graphiccard and Quadcore CPU. All this on smallest room. For me this is the perfect combination and use of Mini-ITX Boards^^

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