GIGABYTE announces Mini-ITX contest without prizes?

Gigabyte has decided to promote their H55 Mini-ITX mini motherboard… so they has announced a contest. They have informed in their press release published on August 2, 2010 about overclocking competition in conjunction with called the H55 Mini-ITX Contest. I am sure that a lot of over-clockers might be interested in it and it is a great way to make Gigabyte’s motherboard more popular. It can show potential buyers how powerful it may be. But there is a one catch…

Usually when you hear that someone announced a contest you may expect some great prizes. Especially when it is over-clockers contest – where you risk your expensive hardware that may got broken! But Gigabyte know you better… In their press release they are writing “Since most of you are in this sport for the love of overclocking, and not for the love of prizes, we’ve decided not to announce any”. LOL!

In next statement they say that they may announce some prizes when the contest will end… and happily add to all of this that “it gives you the chance to show the community you are doing this for fun…”. Sorry Gigabyte but I am not in…

But if you are interested they want you to show them how far you can push your GA-H55N-USB3 and submit your Super PI 32m scores on HWBOT. Since not everyone has access to LN2 they made categories of the competition; Stage 1 CPU speed limited to 4000 MHz, and Stage 2 has no CPU speed limit.

To learn more about the GIGABYTE H55 Mini-ITX Contest, you may visit:


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