DFI P55 MI-T36 Reviewed

DFI MI P55 T36DFI have presented its Mini-ITX form factor motherboard a couple of months ago. I have already been writing about DFI P55 MI-T36 before. It is looking very promising as this model may be more useful in your desktop computer than most of mini motherboards currently available on the market.

Most of Mini-ITX motherboards are design for basic tasks like word processing, web browsing and media playback (thanks to ION platform and VIA hardware encoders such motherboards may be best choice for your HTPC). And most of today mini motherboards have embedded processors like Intel Atom and VIA Nano.

So what’s the main difference? Probably you have already guessed it (if you didn’t know it before). This motherboard is equipped with Intel P55 chipset and LGA 1156 socket for Intel Core i5/i7 processors that may be more than enough powerful for full gaming and multimedia experience. There is still just a few motherboards like this on the market. First motherboard with LGA 1156 socket have been released not so long ago by INTEL.

Now we have a chance to get known what this motherboard is really worth. Thanks to AnandTech that got this motherboard we can read full DFI P55 MI-T36 review and see system benchmarks.

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