DFI P55 MI-T36 Overclocking Tests

DFIEverybody have heard than “big”  DFI motherboards can easily be over clocked without stability looses. But what about so popular in last days Mini-ITX DFI P55 MI-T36? There were already some reviews of this motherboard in the web but it have not treated about overclocking as well. But it looks that we have an answer. Nebojsa Novakovic have tested this mini motherboard with Intel Xeon 3450 2.66GHz (default clock) and G.Skill ECO DDR3 memory able to run DDR3-1600 CL 7-8-7 at just 1.35V. To this little power house he have connected graphic card ATI HD 5870. What was the effect?

He has easily pushed the CPU clock to 3.2GHz by setting the BCLK to 160! This configuration have run all benchmarks without any stability looses! At full loaded average power consumption was about 110W to 120W. So the results are pretty good. It looks that Mini-ITX motherboard based computer dosen’t have to be weaker than its bigger brother.

Full article by Nebojsa Novakovic can be read here.

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