Building Silent 1080p Full HD Media Center HTPC. Part 1.

If you want to build your own HTPC and you are still not sure about it’s components, you are in the right place. Nowadays when you build your own media center most probably you will demand from it at last these points:

  • To be silent (do not disturb you in everyday life and when you watch movies)
  • To look elegant or to be totally hidden (mounted on back of your TV)
  • To be capable to play Full HD movies (1080p resolution)

To describe each suggested component I will use 0 to 2 scale. What does it mean? It is possible to build totally silent setup, but it will cost you a lot. So I will use a noise levels like this:

  • 0 – component is totally silent
  • 1 – it is more silent than 2 🙂
  • 2 – it may be really disturbing in some cases

Most perfect and totally noiseless setup components average should equal to 0. Whatever over this value will generate some noise (it can be not noticeable in everyday activities but if you really care you will hear it).

Moreover it would be nice, but in some setups it is not mandatory if our Media Center would be able to:

  • Play CD/DVD/Blue Ray (not mandatory as you may play media from HDD, USB key, LAN or get it online).
  • Record and time shift your Live TV

Our setup will be build from following components:

  • Motherboard + CPU
  • Some storage for your media files and system
  • Computer chassis + PSU if required
  • Remote Control
  • CD/DVD/Blue Ray player (optionally)
  • TV Tuner (optionally)
  • Operating system (Windows or Linux)

So now the biggest dilemma… What components should you choose? For each of components I will give you a few choices. Some of them will be really equal and some will differ by noise or functionality.

More information will be published in my next blog post (Part 2). If you want to get to know my recommendations you should bookmark Mini Motherboard or subscribe for updates via RSS or twitter. See you soon!

Update: Part 2 has been posted here.

3 Responses to “Building Silent 1080p Full HD Media Center HTPC. Part 1.”

  • Yes please!
    That is really exacly what I want to know. My “research” was not satisfactory. I guess due to lack of knowledge about current hardware (esp the silent one).
    Just to let you know what is most important for me:
    * silent (0.0 to 0.5 on your scale 🙂
    * Linux (a must for me)
    * watching and recording DVB-S
    * daily timer for recording; from power-saving mode
    * remote controlable, at least for basic functions
    * HD would be ok if it is only 1080i or 720p max.
    * blueray is not needed right now, but should be upgradable.
    * I dont need a twin-tuner (sat doesn’t support it)
    * CAM (for encrypted/PayTV) not needed
    I will follow your posts!
    tschau, towi.

    • Thanks for your comment. I will try to satisfy your needs with hardware I will choose. Keep an eye on updates as I will post it soon.

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