Building a Mini-ITX home backup server

Some time ago I have been writing a post about “Possible uses for your old Mini-ITX motherboard“. The word “old” was there but you may do same things with your “new” mini motherboard. Why am I recalling this post? It is because as one of uses there was mentioned “NAS” (network attached storage). It would let you to keep your files in one central point that may be accessed from all your home computers (laptops, desktops, htpc, smart phones and whatever more you may use at home). It looks that this idea have not been so bad as it have been brought to life and very deeply described by Chris Lowry.

He have posted on his blog a few days back (Mar 24th) a great tutorial about collecting all necessary equipment for building a small (and great looking – check the photo) home file server. He had five aims to achieve. Two of them were fitting the Mini-ITX motherboards the most. He wanted to build energy efficient and cheap box. His final cost of his server was £320.98 – that sounds reasonable for Dual Core server (based on ASRock 1.6GHz Dual Core ATOM Mainboard).

I will not go into deep details as you will find all of it in his great post “Building a home backup server – Part One“. His first part of this series is all about hardware. He have promised to write about software that he have used soon.

Chris – your post is great! Keep up a good work as we are waiting for more!

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